Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sorry, Coach Spurrier ... it's all Preston's fault!

When I was about six months pregnant, Mark and I started checking out local daycares. It was a little scary, but when I took the first steps into that daycare that Preston goes to now, I knew it was the one. When we visited the baby room, there was a little boy in a crib with a Carolina jersey on. He was so cute! And I said to myself, my little boy is going to wear Carolina gear on Fridays, too.

And he did. He wore onesies when he was a baby. He had a sweatsuit, when he got a little older. Last year, he had a onesie that looked like a jersey. This season, he has a warm up suit, a jersey, a couple t-shirts and a fleece suit. And every Friday, he's worn something ... except for this past Friday.

The weather on Friday was weird. It was too cool for the jersey and too warm for the warm up or fleece suit. And I was tired and didn't feel like putting layers together, so he wore jeans and a blue and gold shirt. And the rest is history!

Now, I know that we've lost a few other games this year with Preston wearing his gear. But I have to believe that we wouldn't have gotten our butts whipped so badly if Preston hadn't broken the trend.

So, Coach Spurrier, no matter what the weather, Preston will be dressed appropriately before the Clemson game. And since we're doing our parts, we expect you to handle your business, too. We want a win!


  1. You're gonna give that boy a complex blaming him for these sorry Gamecocks!LOL! These players have to want to win above all else if they want to be on top.

  2. Hi!!!

    Blame it on the weather?????
    Blame it on the travel??????
    blame it on Coach Spurrier????
    Them Boy's just got the @#$&*whip out!!!
    Don't blame it on Preston !!

    Good Luck next Year !!!!

    A Betty

  3. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Don't you dare blame it on my baby! The Cocks got that tail waxed and I'm crushed! I say blame it on the weather...& carelessness too.