Sunday, December 21, 2008

2008 -- The best of times ... the worst of times

Friday, when I took my two weekly magazines from my mailbox, there was a common theme. Both magazines focused on the Best and Worst of 2008. Some of their choices I agreed with. For example, I thought Tropic Thunder and Iron Man were great and that Robert Downey, Jr. made one hell of a comeback this year. I also agreed that network television programming has really sucked this year (Grey's Anatomy is a perfect example!), while cable television programming has just been a delight (True Blood, The Wire and Weeds were among my favorites).

So, after reading both magazines, I started to think about the best and worst times of my life this year. There were some definite highs and lows. And while the good definitely outweighed the bad, the bad was and continues to be heartbreaking.

The best of times ...

  • In one word ... Preston. Without a doubt, watching him grow and develop these last 12 months has been my biggest joy and greatest challenge. He's a typical toddler, and at times I was ready to put him up for adoption, but I honestly can't imagine life without that big smile, those wet kisses or bear hugs.

  • Reading. I got back to reading. In 2007, I was just trying to get used to having a baby. I can count on one hand the books I read. This year, I discovered along with millions of others, The Twilight Saga. I read E. Lynn Harris' latest, which was a real treat because it focused on the relationship between a mother and son. I got caught up on the Alex Cross series, including the latest one, Cross Country, that I hope to get to while on Christmas break.

  • Facebook. I was late to the game, but I have become a power player! LOL. I cannot go more than a few hours without checking to see what my "friends" are saying or doing. I've reconnected with people from grade school to college. It's been fun.

The worst of times ...

Rest in peace, Mother. I always thought my grandmother would live forever. In fact, I used to tell her that all the time. And she'd call me crazy or start quoting scripture. As a child, I had to deal with death. My father died of pancreatic cancer when I was 6. And just after my tenth birthday, my mother died of a brain aneurysm at the very young age of 35. Dealing with it wasn't that hard because I had my grandmother and lots of other family members who made sure that my sister and I felt loved. She was always there.

So, this summer when she passed away about a month after having a major stroke and heart attack, my life changed forever. I was saddened because my rock wasn't here any more. I also felt bad for Preston because he would never get to know her or get to do all the fun things that we got to do with her as children.

I'm grateful that God gave her to us for 92 years. I'm also glad that she got to meet Preston, whom she adored like he was her first grandchild (she had more than 27 grandchildren and 42 great-grandchildren by the time he got here.) Not a day goes by without me thinking of her. And I know that will continue for years to come. But they are comforting memories of some of the best times of my life.

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