Friday, December 26, 2008

So you think you can dance ...

Playing games during our family holiday gatherings is nothing new. In fact, when I was younger, we always brought the games that Santa brought us to play with our cousins. Back in the day it was board games. Monopoly, Trouble, Life, Sorry and UNO occupied our time while the finishing touches on dinner were under way.

As we got older there were more adult games like Scattegories, Guesstures and Taboo. I can still remember the funniest clue ever given when we let our aunts play Taboo with us ... a funky squirrel. Well, I'm sure if her team had thought about it they would have gotten the answer, but instead everyone fell out in laughter and nobody said skunk. It was the first and last time Aunt Peggy played.

These days the games are a little different. There were more Nintendo DSs in the house than should be allowed, especially since I didn't get the blinged out version like America Ferrera that I asked Santa for. But I'm not bitter. I'm sure there was a child out there that needed it more than me. Right, Santa?

And for the second time this year, the dance mats were broken out. Actually, before we ate dinner, my cousin brought out the dry erase board for people to sign up. Can you tell we're a tad big competitive?

So, after dinner the dance mats were brought out and the competition began. First the little ones got to play. Even Preston took a turn (and of course I got a picture.) They were too cute, bouncing around. But the adults grew antsy and the little ones were quickly told their turns were over. Not that they cared, they had more toys to play with.

Then the "adults" started. We only got one of my aunts to play. And she actually won a round against one Antwan. We were all playing the "beginner" level until two little Byrds decided they were going to crank it up a notch.

They were hilarious and have earned the first video every posted to my blog. If you need a good laugh, check it out! It's especially funny because without a mat and in another setting, these two can dance like they're in a music video! Apparently, arrows change everything.


  1. We got Jack Trouble for Christmas. He loves it!

  2. I love Trouble, too! We used to get that one taken away from us often because I had one cousin who hated to lose and found a way to cheat, which would always lead to an argument. LOL.